Saturday, 24 December 2011

Brand spanking new blog!

  So im ending this year with a blog! x] and hopes for a great year ahead are high,i shall now be screaming and shouting about my life all over this very page.If you are interested you might want to become a member of Scorp's Life (SL for short) or just keep coming back here to see what im up to.My social networking sites have gone out of control ive had so many pages that i havent kept up with in the past,its unbelievable!!
You can contact me via
Email >
If you feel the need to ask me anything a.s.a.p
My job is to be here for YOU!
when you need help,advice or just someone to talk to,come and talk to ME.
I will do my very best at answering everything and making you feel positive about lots of things in life.
Thank you for taking your time to read this and i hope that we can speak soon! :D
have yourself a very merry christmas and a rather splendid new year!!